Why Do Hearing Aids End Up In The Drawer?

Many people with hearing loss purchase hearing aids but end up not using them nearly enough or placing them in a drawer, hidden away. According to one survey, only 30% of those who would benefit from hearing aids use them. Why is this? When people need glasses to see, there is not as much reluctance to wear them, plus it can be downright dangerous not to wear prescribed eyeglasses. Hearing aids shouldn’t be any different. We prescribe them to change your life for the better and keep you safe!

There may be a few reasons for the reluctance to wear hearing aids. Hearing aid users sometimes claim that their devices do not fit properly, damage their ears, are uncomfortable, or fall out of their ears.

For some people, sound quality is an issue such as insufficient clarity, an aversion to the sound of their speech, minor hissing, tinny sounds, wind noise, chewing and swallowing noise, poor reliability, and so on. These new and unfamiliar sounds can cause an urge to adjust volume settings which is undoubtedly inconvenient for some hearing aid users.

Another reason for not wearing a prescribed hearing aid could be a social stigma. Hearing loss occurs gradually and often goes unnoticed for many years. When people notice changes in their hearing, reluctance and denial usually follow soon after. It could be because, despite increasing awareness, hearing loss is still considered a negative side effect of ageing.

Some older individuals are okay with hearing loss and joke about it. We’ve all heard our grandparents say things like, “You’ll have to speak up! My ears don’t work like they used to.”

They almost seem to embrace hearing loss and think it’s normal, inevitable, and a natural process. As a result, many individuals never seek treatment or are hesitant to use their hearing aids. You may hear your family member or friends use excuses like they forgot their hearing aids, lost them, or that they hurt their ears.

If an individual with hearing loss does not wear their hearing aids, they are less likely to participate in social activities due to the fear of missing parts of conversations or misunderstanding jokes. This isolation increases their risk of depression or sadness. Treating hearing loss allows you to reconnect, meet new people, take on a new project at work, or start a new hobby. Hearing aids can dramatically change one’s life, but sometimes it takes a little bit of patience and practice to get used to your “new ears”.

Proper programming of hearing aids is crucial for better hearing and can make all the difference with sound clarity and having to adjust volume levels. At Expert Hearing Solutions, we have noticed that many people have purchased hearing aids from an “over-the-counter” or big box store and were unhappy with them. It’s usually due to a programming issue or the hearing aid model is not well-suited to their lifestyle. Although the price of a hearing aid is important, it cannot be the only factor.

However, even when hearing aids are programmed correctly, they still have an adjustment period. Unfortunately, hearing aids do not work the same as eyeglasses; you put them on and instantly have perfect hearing. Hearing aids require time for your ears and brain to adapt to hearing. Your voice may sound strange, and some daily experiences, such as eating crunchy foods, may sound extremely loud. It is critical to understand that this is normal. You are also encouraged to book follow-up appointments so our clinicians can make the proper hearing aid adjustments for you, listen to your concerns and address any sound or comfort issues you are experiencing. We are here to help throughout your hearing health journey.

Buying hearing aids is a financial investment to improve your quality of life, both physically and emotionally. If your hearing aids end up in the drawer, it’s not only a waste of money but also stops you from changing your life for the better.

If you are interested in purchasing new hearing aids or are struggling with hearing aids purchased at another vendor, please consult our hearing health professionals at Expert Hearing Solutions in Thunder Bay. We offer a no obligation, deposit-free, two-week hearing aid trial along with a 100-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee on purchased hearing aids.


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