Health Insurance And Free Hearing Tests in Thunder Bay

If you live in Ontario, most of the healthcare treatments you require are publicly supported, meaning the government will cover all or a portion of the expense for you. Insured health services typically include a visit with your primary care physician and specialists, most primary and emergency medical services, plus operations and hospital stays.

Ontario has established the Ontario Health Insurance Plan to pay for these services. In Ontario, most people refer to the plan by its abbreviation, OHIP. When Ontarians pay taxes, a portion of the money goes into this plan to cover healthcare services. To be insured by OHIP, you must first enrol. Physicians and other medical professionals are then paid by OHIP for the treatments they provide you.

If you are not eligible for OHIP, you are responsible for paying your healthcare costs while in Ontario. You could also consider purchasing private health insurance. Private insurance requires you to pay a monthly charge to a firm for them to cover certain healthcare costs. Even if you are eligible for OHIP, you can utilize private insurance coverage to pay for services not covered by OHIP.


To be eligible or OHIP, you should be able to say ‘yes’ to the following three questions:

  • Is Ontario your primary home?
  • Were you away for less than 30 days during your first six months in Ontario?
  • Do you spend a minimum of 153 days in Ontario in 12 months?

Some other conditions may apply.


If you are new to Ontario, you must wait three months before OHIP can cover your medical expenses. It is still advisable to apply for an OHIP card as soon as you arrive and consider purchasing private health insurance to cover the waiting period.

You must apply directly at a ServiceOntario office near you and bring the following items:

  • A completed Application for Ontario Health Coverage form (form 0265-82).
  • Original documentation establishing your identity and proving your residence in Ontario.


OHIP And Hearing Tests in Thunder Bay, Ontario

In the case of hearing tests in Thunder Bay, OHIP will not pay for a diagnostic test even if recommended or requested by a physician. When hearing loss is suspected, a diagnostic hearing test is performed to determine whether the hearing loss can be corrected medically or if hearing aids are the best choice for the patient.

OHIP does not cover the expense of a diagnostic hearing test. Third-party requests are frequently requested for employment-related reasons and may be covered by the third party.

Hearing test centres can provide free diagnostic hearing tests, but there are associated costs to the hearing clinic, such as employee pay, administration, overhead, and equipment operation. A hearing test centre may recover these costs by offering a comprehensive package that includes products or services:

  • An appointment for hearing aid evaluation
  • Hearing aid purchase
  • Hearing aid training and fitting session
  • Hearing aid follow-up assessments
  • Cleanings, adjustments, and repairs


Free Hearing Test Vs. Free Hearing Screening – It is important to distinguish between a free hearing test and a free hearing screening.


Hearing Test

A diagnostic evaluation is performed by a hearing professional to assess whether hearing aids or medical care are the best solutions.  Expert Hearing Solutions in Thunder Bay offers diagnostic hearing tests and includes a complimentary, no-obligation hearing aid trial when necessary.


Hearing Screening

A simple test to determine whether a diagnostic hearing test is necessary. It is frequently done in office, at health fairs or senior housing and is always free.


Expert Hearing Solutions offers Free Hearing Screenings in Thunder Bay, so contact either of our hearing clinics if you experience these symptoms of hearing loss to find out if you qualify:

  • Difficulties understanding what others are saying, particularly in a loud background
  • Requiring individuals to repeat themselves
  • Difficulties hearing high-pitched sounds
  • Having to raise the volume on the television or music player


Our hearing professionals will perform a free hearing screening and assess your reaction to tones or words delivered at various pitches and volume levels. Expert Hearing Solutions clinicians can determine if hearing aids are a good fit and will offer a two-week complimentary hearing aid trial. There is never a deposit required nor an obligation to purchase the hearing aids at the end of the free trial.

Expert Hearing Solutions provides free hearing screenings, a 100-day, 100% money-back guarantee, competitive pricing and financing options to people interested in purchasing hearing aids.

Book your free hearing screening in Thunder Bay today at Expert Hearing Solutions. 



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