Enjoying the Festive Season with Hearing Loss

It’s that magical time of the year again when the temperature drops, lights go up, and friends and family gather to celebrate. Hearing loss can make the festivities feel overwhelming, but there are numerous tips for making the “most wonderful time of the year” enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their hearing profile.


Tips for Enjoying the Holidays with Hearing Loss


Table Considerations: Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s essential to prioritise table arrangements, especially if you or a family member have hearing loss. Round tables are optimal, allowing people who are hard of hearing to see everyone’s face and facilitating a better understanding of conversations.


Designate a Hearing Buddy: Designating a “hearing buddy” can be surprisingly effective. A partner or close family member, informed in advance about your hearing needs, can consistently check in with you to ensure you’re following conversations. Sitting close to this person enhances quick communication.


Volume Management: While festive music is a must, especially during parties, maintaining a moderate volume is crucial for those with hearing loss. Lower background noise ensures easier understanding and enjoyment of conversations. This extends to choosing paper and plastic tableware to minimise unnecessary clinking sounds.


Select Quiet Spaces: Identify and utilise quiet areas in the room or house where more intimate conversations occur. If hosting, ensure quiet nooks with furniture to allow face-to-face interactions among guests.


Rest Well and Watch Your Drink: A good night’s sleep is vital to minimise the mental strain decoding sounds places on the brain. Additionally, moderate alcohol intake is recommended, as excessive consumption has been linked to decreased hearing abilities.


Communicate Your Needs: Perhaps the most crucial tip is never hesitating to communicate your needs. Be bold in requesting quieter rooms or reduced music volume. Your loved ones want you to enjoy the festivities, and they will happily accommodate your needs.


Check Your Hearing: While these tips enhance holiday enjoyment, it’s essential to consider more permanent solutions for hearing loss. If you struggle to hear or understand, scheduling a hearing screening is a proactive step. Modern hearing aids offer advanced technology for improved listening and understanding in various situations. At Expert Hearing Solutions you can even try the latest hearing aids, for free, over the holidays.


Travel Preparations for Hearing Aids: Whether travelling for the holidays or preparing for guests, ensure all hearing aid necessities are accounted for. Beyond the physical devices, check that they’re ready for use and up-to-date. For those considering new hearing aids, the holidays might be an ideal time for an upgrade, potentially with the support of family and friends.


Tips for Navigating Holiday Events: Large gatherings can be challenging for those with hearing loss. Manage noise levels by politely suggesting adjustments like lowering music volume. Identify quiet areas for breaks and communicate your needs to hosts for a more inclusive environment.


Enhancing Holiday Meals: Holiday meals can be overwhelming due to clattering dishes and numerous conversations. Suggesting a circular seating arrangement, grabbing a dinner buddy, and requesting orderly speaking can make meals more enjoyable for everyone.


How Hearing Aids Can Help: While these tips benefit everyone with hearing loss, those hesitant about hearing aids might find the holidays an excellent time to try them. Hearing aids can enhance speech comprehension, providing a better hearing experience during family reunions, brunches, and holiday parties. Expert Hearing Solutions is the place for a free trial of hearing aid over the holidays – deposit-free, obligation-free and risk-free.


Coping Strategies for Shopping: Navigating crowded stores during the holidays can be challenging. Plan shopping trips strategically, consider portable microphones for clearer communication, and schedule breaks to manage background noise.


Adapting to Gift Exchanges: Opening presents can be both exciting and challenging for those with hearing loss. Plan, advocate for yourself by requesting adjustments, and organise gift exchanges to allow everyone to enjoy the experience.


The holidays should be a joyous time for everyone, including those with hearing considerations. By incorporating these tips and considering hearing aids, you can create memorable and inclusive celebrations.

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