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Do you suffer from hearing loss but the price of hearing aids is preventing you from having them? You’re not alone. Many people feel they cannot purchase them due to the high cost, but they may not be aware of options available to them. One option people consider is to purchase an over-the-counter hearing aid at a big box store. Although you can buy an OTC hearing aid without visiting a hearing health professional, in this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why you should consider visiting a hearing health professional while buying an OTC hearing aid and how to find the most affordable hearing aids in Thunder Bay.

Often, your family and friends will be the first to notice your hearing loss. They could complain that they have to repeat themselves, that you don’t hear them yelling from the other room, or that you have the TV volume turned up too loud.

If you have slight hearing loss and are not getting hearing aids due to the price, OTC hearing aids can be a low-cost option to help your hearing problem but may not address or fix all of your hearing concerns.

Hearing aids, regardless of kind, are made up of three distinct parts:

  • Microphone
  • Amplifier
  • Speaker

Sound enters the microphone and is transformed into electrical signals. These signals are sent to the amplifier, which boosts the signals’ power. The amplifier then transmits them to the ear via a speaker.

OTC hearing aids are designed to assist those who have mild-to-moderate hearing loss and like regular hearing aids, may make sounds louder, allowing some people with hearing loss to better listen, speak, and actively engage in daily activities.

If you have occasional hearing problems, such as in noisy settings, crowds, or when you can’t see who is speaking, an over-the-counter hearing aid can be helpful if you simply want a basic model.


Types of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids function differently depending on whether they are analog or digital. Both transform sound waves, but in different ways.

Here are some significant differences between analog and digital hearing aids:

Analog Hearing Aids

The mechanism of an analog hearing aid turns sound waves into electrical signals. After that, the signals are magnified. They are less expensive than digital hearing aids, but they are also less common.

Digital Hearing Aids

A digital hearing aid is a device that transforms sound waves into binary or numerical codes. After that, the codes are magnified.

Because an audiologist or hearing instrument practitioner can set the device to enhance some frequencies more than others, it’s a popular choice for those looking for a hearing aid that’s designed for your specific hearing loss and listening conditions.


How Can A Hearing Health Professional Help You?

Although you can get OTC hearing aids without visiting a hearing health professional, we always recommend you visit us at Expert Hearing Solutions to buy affordable Hearing Aids in Thunder Bay for the following reasons:

1. Professional Checkup

Seeing a trained clinician and having your hearing tested is one of the best methods to determine your hearing loss. They can advise you on what will work best for your hearing and baseline hearing tests are complimentary at Expert Hearing Solutions.

2. Hearing Experts Can Guide You Better

Hearing aid clinicians and audiologists have the expertise to prescribe hearing aids like an optometrist prescribes glasses. Everyone is unique. We have received training in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss and can ensure that your hearing is correctly measured and that you receive the appropriate type of hearing aid.  Let us guide you in making the right decision for your hearing before you rush into buying any affordable Hearing Aids in Thunder Bay.

3. Advertisements With Misleading Claims

Several companies are offering to provide high-quality hearing aids on the internet and television. While some are trustworthy, many are not. If you’re thinking about buying a hearing aid online, first consult with our clinicians. They can assist you in determining the authenticity of the product and company.

Expert Hearing Solutions can save you from such misleading advertisements and help you buy affordable Hearing Aids in Thunder Bay.

4. Help You Choose Better-Fitted Hearing Aids

One of the advantages of over-the-counter hearing aids is that they are less expensive than custom-fitted ones but using a hearing aid that is set up improperly and used at an excessively high volume might cause further harm to your hearing.

Expert Hearing Solutions clinicians ensure that your hearing aid is properly programmed and fitted so you can avoid damaging your ears and other problems.

5. Bad Hearing Aids Can Cause Various Other Ear Medical Consequences

Not visiting a hearing expert or audiologist may result in serious consequences such as external ear infections, impacted cerumen (wax), and potentially harmful noise levels.

6. Invest In Your Hearing Health

Seeing a hearing clinician for hearing loss treatments is a good investment in your health. Instead of trying to save money and risking other potential ear and hearing problems by using inappropriate hearing aids, get help from our hearing professionals.

Expert Hearing Solutions will be with you every step of the process, from diagnosis to choosing an affordable hearing aid in Thunder Bay to fittings and adjustments so you can treat hearing loss at a price that works for you.


Did you know? At Expert Hearing Solutions, we offer competitive pricing and will beat any competitor. Interest-free financing is also available. And we always provide a free, no deposit, no-obligation, two-week hearing aid trial. If you purchase hearing aids from us and are not satisfied for any reason, we offer a 100-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee – no questions asked!

Consider visiting Expert Hearing Solutions to get professional help when purchasing affordable hearing aids in Thunder Bay.




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